Pediatric Orthopedic Needs for Adolescents and Teens

The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics (MMI Division) joins WDVM for another Webchat, this time with to answer your pediatric orthopedic needs. Dr. Laura Copaken, M.D., and Christine Brown, PA-C, are ready to take your questions about sports and conditioning, congenital issues, scoliosis, fractures, and any other issues affecting adolescents and teens. Your questions will be answered straight from the doctors who can address all pediatric orthopedic issues and more.

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Meet the Doctors:

Dr. Lauren Copaken, M.D.

Dr. Laura Copaken, M.D. is board certified in Orthopaedic Surgery and specializes in pediatric orthopaedics. Dr. Copaken blends her specialized medical skills with a caring, playful and energetic style that puts her young patients at ease.  She treats a wide variety of pediatric orthopaedic conditions, from pediatric fractures and sports injuries to newborns with hip dysplasia, children with in-toeing/out-toeing, club foot, and scoliosis. As a former gymnast who suffered many of her own injuries as a child, Dr. Copaken has a great affinity with her patients and their parents, understanding exactly how they feel when an injury occurs.

Christine Brown, PA-C

Christine Brown in a board certified physician assistant specializing in general orthopaedic conditions. She works alongside Dr. Laura Copaken helping pediatric and adolescent patients with fractures, sports and overuse injuries. She also has over 7 years of experience diagnosing, treating and educating patients on injuries to the neck and spine. Christine treats patients in the Urbana and Frederick office locations.

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