Pandemic impact on mental and physical health

Weather or Not

Three Connecticut moms, Meredith Applebaum-Coburn, Nichole Malkiel, and LeeAnn Weaver, are on a mission to nurture and strengthen clients, especially now during difficult times. They created Soul Squad, which is a Facebook group that seeks to empower others and allow everyone to reach the highest potential. These three women met through their children, all attending school before the pandemic.

They offer lectures in and around their community circles and faith groups. Their tagline is “nurturing your mind, body, and surroundings to create a clear path to fulfillment.” They say the mind and body are “nestled in” together within the given surroundings. Once live-in-person sessions are now live Zoom classes where members can discuss different topics closest to them.

Talking with each other to see what is on their minds and the challenges that have kept them from reaching their full potential. Together the moms bring their specialization as a life, health, and home organizing coach.

They offer Facebook posts that encourage other members to nurse mind, body, and soul using their personal surroundings to achieve overall wellness goals.

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