With this weekend’s low well to the east and the high pressure to the north close by, we’ll see plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures today, as we warm up into the 60’s. We’re still dealing with some river flooding today in the wake of all the rain, but thankfully it’s going to be dry for a few days and we’ll have some time for that water to recede. Still a bit chilly tonight, but not cold enough for any frost concerns. 

We’re going to be stuck in a very similar setup for nearly the entire week thanks to the weather pattern turning very “blocky” and stagnant. A low pressure center will continue to spin away off the Carolinas while high pressure holds court over the Northeast. This will give us a couple more days of sunshine with some clouds mixing in Tuesday and Wednesday. With the wind direction gradually changing to be more southeasterly over these two days, temperatures will continue to warm up, reaching the 70’s. On Thursday, the low to our south will start retrograding or moving against the grain of a typical storm system we’d see. As this system moves back to the west and back inland, we’ll start turning cloudy once again. 

Eventually, this low will move far enough inland to start producing some spotty showers on Friday. By the start of the upcoming weekend, a warm front will also develop and push north with more widespread scattered shower activity on Saturday. We will finally kick this annoying storm system out of here on Sunday, but it’s going to get kicked out by another storm system rolling in from the west. With this next system, we’re likely to see a cold front that will touch off more scattered showers and some storms as well to end the weekend. Before this cold front arrives, we should see our warmest conditions of the week, with highs near 80 degrees on Sunday. As far as flooding is concerned, we should have plenty of time to get past the minor flooding we have currently before the next batch of rain arrives, so there are no major concerns with that for now. 

Have a great start to the week! 

7-Day Forecast:

Monday night: Mostly clear skies. Winds: N 5-10 mph, Low: 45 (38-47) 

Tuesday: Partly cloudy skies. Winds: ENE 8-12 mph, High: 69 (64-72), Low: 46 (39-48) 

Wednesday: Partly cloudy skies. Highs will be in the lower to middle 70’s with lows in the upper 40’s to lower 50’s. 

Thursday: Mostly cloudy skies. Highs will be in the middle to upper 70’s with lows in the middle to upper 50’s. 

Friday: Mostly cloudy with spotty showers possible. Highs will be in the 70’s with lows in the upper 50’s to lower 60’s. 

Saturday: Cloudy with scattered showers. Highs will be in the middle to upper 70’s with lows in the lower to middle 60’s. 

Sunday: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers and storms. Highs will be in the upper 70’s to lower 80’s with lows in the upper 50’s to lower 60’s.