Comfortable Monday gives way to muggy mid-week

Nova Forecast

Monday: Mostly sunny skies. Winds: NNW 3-5 mph, High: 82 (77-86)

Monday night: Mostly clear skies. Winds: Light SE, Low: 59 (52-62)

Tuesday: Mostly sunny and turning warmer with more humidity once again. Winds: SSE 8-12 mph, High: 91 (84-94), Low: 69 (63-72)

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy with isolated showers late in the day, a storm also can’t be ruled out. Highs will be in the lower to middle 90’s with lows in the middle and upper 60’s.

Thursday: Partly cloudy with isolated showers possible through the AM. Highs will be in the 80’s with lows in the upper 50’s and lower 60’s.

Friday: Mostly sunny skies. Highs will be in the middle and upper 80’s with lows in the 60’s.

Saturday: Partly cloudy with isolated showers possible, especially late in the day. Highs will be in the lower to middle 80’s with lows in the lower to middle 60’s.

Sunday: Mostly cloudy with isolated showers. Highs will be in the upper 70’s and lower 80’s with lows in the upper 50’s and lower 60’s.

Forecast Discussion

Not a bad first weekend of June overall across the viewing area. We started with the scattered storm activity late Friday, where some of us remained high and dry while others saw a few inches of rain. From there, Saturday brought a lot more sunshine, but it took a little while for the cold front to push through and clear out the humidity. Yesterday was very comfortable thanks to that, and this morning we’re waking up to more of the same. High pressure will be almost directly overhead today, giving us lower 80’s, lots of sunshine, and very little humidity on this Monday. These same conditions continue into Tuesday, though the high will be sliding offshore, bumping temperatures back up into the lower 90’s with humidity beginning to make its return.

As we get into the middle of the week, a cold front will be tracking our way, running together with the remnants of Cristobal as it does so. It appears that the bulk of the tropical precipitation is going to stay west of us, but the combination of the cold front with some of that tropical air is going to lead to an increase in cloud cover and eventually some rainfall for some late Wednesday. Heat and humidity will also continue to build, though once the front passes into Thursday morning that won’t be as much of a factor. The bulk of any rain we get will fall Wednesday night, with only a few isolated showers into Thursday morning.

Another high builds in briefly for Friday, giving us another fairly sunny day with temperatures remaining in the 80’s. Going into the weekend, the upper level low responsible for the mid-week cold front gets nearly stuck in place over Canada, recycling around and dropping another surface low our direction into Saturday. This setup is fairly interesting and one to watch during the week, as it could mean a fairly soggy weekend if this feature is strong enough, or just some light rainfall and more dry time than not if it’s weaker. For now, expect a mostly dry Saturday with showers possible late, then additional clouds and a better chance at isolated showers for next Sunday. Temperatures should cool down a bit either way over the weekend; mostly upper 70’s to lower 80’s expected.

Have a great Monday everyone!

Meteorologist Damon Matson

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