Evening storms, cold front help to clear out the recent haze

I270 Forecast

Wednesday: Partly cloudy, warm and humid with scattered PM showers and storms. A few storms could turn severe with heavy rainfall and gusty winds possible. Winds: SW 8-12 mph, High: 88 (84-91)

Wednesday night: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers and storms continuing. Winds: Light N, Low: 68 (65-70)

Thursday: Mostly cloudy with isolated PM showers and storms. Winds: ENE 4-8 mph, High: 82 (78-85), Low: 67 (64-69)

Friday: Mostly cloudy with isolated showers. Highs will be in the upper 70’s to lower 80’s with lows in the middle to upper 60’s.

Saturday: Mostly cloudy with spotty showers possible. Highs will be in the 80’s with lows in the 60’s.

Sunday: Mostly sunny skies. Highs will be in the 80’s with lows in the 60’s.

Monday: Mostly sunny skies. Highs will be in the middle to upper 80’s with lows in the 60’s.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy skies. Highs will be in the 80’s with lows in the lower to middle 60’s.

Forecast Discussion

We had a near repeat weather day yesterday, but changes are on the way today. More haze, humidity, and warmth stuck around on Tuesday, and we’re seeing some areas of fog again this morning. The first half, even two-thirds, of the day will stay quiet as we warm back up into the upper 80’s. Haze won’t be as prominent today because an approaching cold front will be sweeping it out of here. Along this cold front there is already a line of showers and storms, and this activity will be rolling in from west to east beginning this afternoon. The stormiest time frame for us looks to be this evening around sunset, with rain continuing into the night. A few stronger storms are possible, with gusty winds and heavy rain the main concerns.

Patchy fog is more likely to pop up tomorrow morning once again given the fresh rainfall and warmth overnight. As we head into the last couple of days this week, we’ll be watching the Atlantic Coast for a storm system that’s likely to develop and turn tropical in nature. This system won’t come very close to us with the recent cold front keeping it out to sea, but we’ll still see some effects on our weather. Tomorrow will be fairly cloudy, with another round of isolated showers and storms in the afternoon, mainly to the east. Spotty showers will continue to be possible as easterly winds keep clouds and plenty of moisture around through Friday and Saturday. The one benefit will be daytime temperatures should cool a bit into the lower 80’s.

Even despite the slight cool down, we’re not catching much more of a break for the foreseeable future from the warmth and humidity. Overnight temperatures are still going to only fall into the 60’s over the weekend, and high pressure will be returning by Sunday. With sunshine and southerly winds back in place, we’ll end up with highs in the middle to upper 80’s by the middle of next week, likely starting fall on a very warm note next Wednesday.

Have a great Wednesday and keep an eye out for storms later!

Meteorologist Damon Matson

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