Silver Spring gets a clean-up at Long Branch Community Center


A group of dedicated volunteers start their weekend by picking up trash


Silver Spring is getting a much needed cleanup by a group of volunteers.

Congressman Jamie Raskin joins dozens others with the Potomac Conservancy by kicking off their weekend cleaning up loads of trash.

A volunteer, Susan Alexander, says she’s tired of trash in her own neighborhood. “I found a little gap in the woods and i went in there, ” says Alexander and there was a motherload of beer cans, colt 45 bottles, plastic bags I mean really disgusting stuff.”

Alexander joins 50 other volunteers and cleaned up for hours. Kyaira Ware with the Potomac Conservancy which helped put on this event says, ” The truth is that trash and things like pet waste, anything that is in our ground will eventually end up into our river…”

Henry Coppola, a volunteer with Montgomery Parks, says the creek where he use to play as kid is a main concern. He mentions he wishes people would be more understanding that trash affects not one area but everywhere especially when it enters our river. “What we are doing is kind of treating the symptom,” he says, “it would be great it would be great if we could not have the trash show up at all.”

Coppola mentions he’s happy with the turnout of volunteers and hopes that people will continue to come out and clean in their own communities.

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