WASHINGTON (WDVM) — Drivers are fed up; that is what bus drivers for the DC Circulator, employed by a contracting company, are saying Tuesday.

They went on strike after a long battle against unfair labor practices. There might’ve been some stranded riders around the district as drivers sat out on strike against a French multi-national contracting company called Rapt Dev. Drivers say they have been fighting for decent pay, benefits, and working conditions for many months. 

Many are fed up with a lack of progress in contract agreements. Both parties have been trying to reach a deal since March. Bus Operator, Esperanza Taylor said, “Then, if you got sick, you had to use your own sick leave. They didn’t give us anything. I had to use 3 weeks of my vacation when I had COVID.”

Communications Director of ATU Local 689, Brian Wyvell stated, “There’s inevitably going to belabor unrest when workers are disrespected. Our workers who work for the DC Circulator are underpaid relative to those that drive on the same roads, drive the same passengers and drive some of the same buses as our WMATA members. That’s not something that any of our workers would stand for.”

Drivers plan to stay out until an agreement is reached.