“..You’re pretty much battling two opponents..” Musselman football prepare for Spring Valley this weekend, while COVID-19 affects playoffs


INWOOD, W. Va. (WDVM) – After defeating University 64-26 in the first round, the Musselman Applemen prepare for their toughest test yet this Sunday; against No. 6 Spring Valley.

But Spring Valley isn’t the only thing the Applemen have to prepare for; as the state struggles to contain the effects of COVID-19.

“It feels like you know every week, in the state of West Virginia, you’re pretty much battling two opponents.” said Musselman head coach Brian Thomas, “You’re getting ready for who you’re going to play, and then everyday you’re also battling the color map and what it’s going to be.”

There are a few things that need to go right, in order for this game against Spring Valley to happen.

“Yeah in order for us to play on Sunday, our county and their county, Wayne county, both have to gold or better on the color map. If either of us are gold or better on the color map, then the game will take place Sunday at 5pm.” said Brian Thomas, “If either county is not good, then we win by forfeit based off the fact that we’re good this week, and they’re not good.”

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