FINAL: West Virginia drops fourth straight in wacky game against Baylor

WVU Mountaineers


FINAL: West Virginia is unable to get a score out of their final drive, as Baylor hangs on to take the victory, 17-14.

3:33: Casey Legg comes on for his first career field goal attempt from 43. He appears to make it, but a delay of game call negates the make and pushes the Mountaineers back 5 yards. The ensuing try is blocked by Baylor.

4:42: West Virginia is forced to another three-and-out. BUT WAIT — Josh Growden’s punt is muffed by R.J. Sneed to give the Mountaineers possession back.

5:30: Baylor chews another 3:29 off the clock before they’re forced to punt by the Mountaineers. Bears punter Isaac Power pins WVU inside their own 15.

8:59: After a false start penalty sets WVU back on first down, Baylor brings the pressure on Kendall but he’s still able to get some passes off. A Bryce Wheaton drop and a completion to Isaiah Esdale lead into a sack on Kendall, forcing WVU to punt.

FIELD GOAL, BAYLOR (17-14, 10:19): Baylor eats up a lot of clock — 6:06 to be exact, the longest drive of the game — and take the lead with a field goal. In total, they moved 62 yards with a good mix of plays on the ground and through the air.

15:00: Baylor starts with a 1st and 10 on their own 40.


END 3Q: The Bears give the ball to JaMycal Hasty on four straight snaps for a total of 21 yards. That will take this game to the fourth quarter. Hasty leads the Bears with 59 yards.

1:25: Kendall completes a pair of short passes to Wright and Leddie Brown, but West Virginia is still forced to punt. Baylor will set up on their own 19 yard line on what may be the last drive of the third quarter.

2:34: Brewer and Baylor can’t get any offense going, instead taking a third down sack to cap off a -11-yard drive.

TOUCHDOWN, WEST VIRGINIA (14-14, 4:22): Winston Wright takes it to the house in his first career kick return to get back even with the Bears. We have a wild one in Waco.

TOUCHDOWN, BAYLOR (14-7, 4:34): Baylor answers in just 2 minutes, with a quick 7-play drive. This time, Brewer finds Mims for the score to take the lead back for Baylor.

TOUCHDOWN, WEST VIRGINIA (7-7, 6:42): Kendall drops back on the opening play of the drive and bombs it to George Kendall, who runs the footrace to the end zone.

6:53: The Bears can’t get much going offensively, and are forced to punt. West Virginia will take over on their own 17.

10:15: West Virginia gets rolling on the back of Kendall. The first 8 plays of the drive are designed for the quarterback, and the Mountaineers get into the Bears red zone. Briason Mays again botches a snap, though, and the Bears grab it — with great field position.

14:53: The opening play of the second half is a Charlie Brewer pass completed to Denzel Mims (who is returning after a head injury in the first quarter). Mims goes for 30 yards before fumbling, and it’s recovered by Keith Washington.



HALF: Baylor can’t score on the final drive, so they take their 7-0 lead to the locker room.

:47: After West Virginia gets the ball moving out of their own red zone, Baylor’s Chris Miller is ejected for targeting after hitting Austin Kendall in the head on a slide. Kendall pops up and tosses the ball to a Baylor player, and earns an offsetting penalty, so the Mountaineers don’t get the penalty yardage, however Miller is ejected. Kendall then throws an interception to set the Bears up for a last minute drive.

2:03: Baylor drives down the field for 12 plays and 85 yards, but a series of strong plays up front by the Mountaineers stop the Bears just inches short of the goal line. WVU takes over with their backs against the wall.

6:34: The Mountaineer offense rolls off the turnover, chipping away to get a first down. But a bad snap over Kennedy McKoy’s head in the wildcat formation sends WVU back 21 yards, setting up 3rd and 27. West Virginia ends up punting.

9:30: Tykee Smith gets the Mountaineers their first turnover of the game when he sniffs out Baylor’s trick play, forcing R.J. Sneed to fumble. Mountaineers take over on the Baylor 48.

12:05: West Virginia is held to a three-and-out, but a running into the kicker penalty gives the Mountaineer offense new life. Unfortunately for them, a penalty and their still-stagnant passing game forces them to punt just a few plays later.


END 1Q: Kennedy McKoy returns the kickoff and takes a shot to the head. No flag, and the running back is slow to get up.

TOUCHDOWN BAYLOR (7-0, :06): Charlie Brewer finds R.J. Sneed in the corner of the end zone for the 13-yard Baylor touchdown. The play is originally ruled incomplete, but further review overturns that call. The scoring drive goes 8 plays and 86 yards for the Bears.

1:58: WVU cornerback Josh Norwood is ejected for targeting, and that’s his second such call of the year.

4:19: The Mountaineers go three-and-out themselves. A good punt from Growden puts the Bears on their own 14 to start off.

West Virginia’s passing game has been stagnant, going just 1-of-8 so far in the first quarter.

5:24: West Virginia forces yet another three-and-out from Baylor. The Mountaineer defense is looking strong.

6:27: After a false start on first down, Kennedy McKoy makes all that ground up and more with a 12-yard rush. That’s all the Mountaineers can get, though, as Josh Growden makes his third appearance on the night.

8:01: The Bears again are forced to punt after Dylan Tonkery earns his first sack of the night. West Virginia gets the ball on their own 29.

9:48: West Virginia gets the introductory first down of the night with a 1-yard fourth down conversion. After Sam James drops an open pass on the ensuing third down, the Mountaineers are forced to punt.

11:57: Baylor gets their own three-and-out to start off, with a strong showing from the Mountaineer defense. WVU’s special teams also nearly comes up huge, getting just inches away from blocking a punt. West Virginia takes over on their own 21.

13:37: The Mountaineers start this one off with a three-and-out — they run a tunnel screen, draw and a downfield pass, but nothing goes.

15:00: Kennedy McKoy gets the return, but the Mountaineers are pushed back by a holding call.

West Virginia will receive the kick to begin tonight’s game.

We’re just minutes away from kickoff in Waco. Follow along our live coverage before the Mountaineers square off against Baylor!

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