Want to catch more bass? How a tournament angler puts more fish in the boat during the summer slowdown


Largemouth Bass

ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — When the weather turns warmer, bass — largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted — can become harder to catch. They don’t stop eating, but they do become more selective, and they move to areas where water temperatures and oxygen levels are optimum.

“The transition from spring to summer, those fish are going to go deeper,” says Radford University Fishing Team member Kent Clark. “They want shade, they’re going to go under docks.”

Clark says you need to tailor your tactics to the way the bass are behaving. He likes creature baits or any soft plastic that represents a crayfish.

“You want to put that on a jointed structure head,” Clark explained about the type of jighead he prefers to use to go after those deeper fish. “Just reel that across the bottom; Texas rig these baits.

Kent Clark with a nice smallmouth

Jointed jig heads wobble and impart more action to the bait.

Clark says this is also the time of year to go bigger when it comes to soft plastics.

“Another fun and simple trick to do is just a big Powerbait worm — 10 1/4 inches long, Texas rigged.”

He fishes those big worms Texas rigged with a tungsten worm weight in front.

Kent Clark holds up a largemouth

Clark also advises to fish rocks, brush, or other cover. Those bass don’t like direct sunlight. They’ll seek out cover or go deep to avoid the sun.

Changing up your techniques to match the behavior of the bass will put more fish in the boat.

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