“They changed women’s basketball at Madison”: Arnolie twins help turn Warhawk program into NOVA juggernaut


VIENNA, Va (WDVM) — If you live in the northern Virginia area and follow high school basketball, it is hard not to know about the Arnolie twins.

Grace and Alayna, twin sisters that have been apart of Madison’s successful girl’s basketball program. But before becoming teammates on a 13 girl squad, they were sisters first.

“They’re your best friend,” said Grace Arnolie. “They’re your closest friend. You know everything about them. You know how they think, how they act, what they feel.”

They have been side by side since day one. Literally! Accomplishing everything together.

“We’ve never played on a sports team without the other,” said Alayna Arnolie. “So, I know where she’s going to be, I know where she likes to catch the ball. She knows where I like to catch the ball.”

When you think of twins, the first thin that comes to mind is that they are the same exact person. That, and the fact that they probably have twin telepathy. Even though both Grace and Alayna admitted to having some sort of telepathy with one another, what makes them both so good on the basketball court is that they both bring something different than the other.

“Gracie is very serious and very tough, where Alayna is a little bit more bubbly and more energetic and really agile,” said Madison girl’s basketball head coach Kirsten Stone.

“I think I’m good at penetrating and dishing out,” said Alayna Arnolie. “She’s good at taking it all the way to the hole. So, the fact that we can both specialize at different things, just adds to our game.”

They have become two of the top basketball players in northern Virginia, and at the same time, have been key contributors on Madison’s back-to-back state championship teams.

“They changed women’s basketball at Madison,” said Stone. “We’ve always been good, and we are always one of the top competitors, but they increased that work ethic and they increased that positivity throughout practice which then makes the rest of the team work hard.”

Both Grace and Alayna were starters sophomore year, and together, have been able to go from role players to now being leaders in their senior year.

“Seeing myself get better, seeing Alayna get better, to be able to be along side her as we’ve both improved a lot since we’ve come to Madison, it’s been a great feeling,” said Grace Arnolie. “And to see that translate into the team’s success as well, has just been awesome.”

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