“There needs to be more of a preparation time;” local professional trainer talks ‘detraining’ and the dangers of returning to sport so soon.



Last week, Washington and Frederick County Public Schools announced return-to-play plans that would bring back sports by the end of January or early February. Both plans would only give teams a little over two weeks of practice before competition would start.

“There needs to be more of a preparation time,” says local strength and conditioning coach for True Athlete Performance, Josh Daniels.

Even in a normal year, two weeks is not a lot of time to prepare. Most athletes are usually only out of season for a couple of months, unless they play multiple sports, but this year, most athletes have not participated in any type of athletic competition for almost a year, which could be dangerous going from 0-100 in a short amount of time.

“There’s a lot of athletes that are just in the most detrained state of their life.”

On it’s website, True AP, defines ‘detraining’ as the partial or complete loss of athletic ability that was the result of intense training.

“When we talk about an athlete, speeds involved…muscular endurance is involved…anaerobic endurance is involved. All of those things are trained,” says Daniels.

True Athlete Performance says detraining can cause loss in Aerobic Endurance, Strength Endurance, Anaerobic Endurance, Alactic Endurance, Speed, Injury Protection.

As a result of detraining, athletes are more prone to injury.

“We’ve seen that in the NFL. We’ve seen that in all of the other collegiate and professional organizations when you look at injury rates ans severity of injury…so the research is there.”

In an effort to keep athletes safe in their return to play, True AP has created an online ‘Returning to Sport’ guide for athletes, especially for those who might not have had access to a professional training service to stay in shape.  

“With them not having the ability to work with coaches or be in a normal routine or practicing and training with their teams, it’s even more vital.”

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