Ron Rivera ‘disappointed’ with 2-2 start, believes team should be better


ASHBURGN, Va (WDVM) — The Washington Football Team is four games through the 2021 season, and they sit at an even 2-2 record.

It’s not a terrible start, losing to two teams with above .500 records (Chargers and Bills), but there is still a lot to work on heading into Week 5.

Head coach Ron Rivera spoke to media Monday afternoon, and gave his thoughts on the team’s start.

“I’d say disappointment,” said Rivera. “I think if we lived up or played up to our abilities or capabilities, if we would have done some things that I think we are capable of defensively, I think we could be better than 2-2. But, we are not. We got some things to work out, some things we got to do to give ourselves a chance to win football games. So, I’m excited as we start the second quarter of the season.”

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