OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (WDAF) — DeJuan Bonds is the man behind the most famous hairstyle in Kansas City, and he’s headed to Miami.

Bonds tames the manes of many Chiefs players, most notably Patrick Mahomes.

After last season’s loss in the AFC Championship, Bonds said the players told him if they made it to the Super Bowl this year, he was coming along for the ride. So now he’s packed and ready for the trip to the Magic City.

Bonds has never played a single snap, but he’s front and center when the Chiefs take the field — or at least his cuts are.

“Every head is different; every cut is different,” he said.

You could call Bonds the Chief Cutter, the Picasso behind many of the players’ haircuts. His masterpiece: Mahomes’ famous locks.

“I’m honored, and I’m happy that I’ve been the chosen barber for Patrick Mahomes and a few of the Chiefs players,” he said.

On Thursday, while speaking with reporters in Miami, the league’s reigning MVP talked about his most valuable barber.

“Just because I have kind of a weird haircut and a weird thing going on with my hair, so I decided to get a guy I know that’s cut my hair before,” Mahomes said.

Bonds’ inspiration strikes inside the Purple Label in Overland Park.

Just like the players on the field, he crafts a game plan to make sure every clip, curl and cut is picture perfect.

“Pat is really a guy that doesn’t comb his hair,” Bonds said. “He just does one of these numbers. He just shakes it and rolls.”

And now, the local barber is getting ready to show his talent to the entire world.

“I got my bags packed and ready to roll,” Bonds said.

On Friday he’s headed to Miami to make sure the players are looking their best in the Super Bowl. Bonds said the pressure is on.

“I believe I need to do the best haircut I’ve ever done because all eyes is going to be on this haircut on Sunday coming,” he said.

Bonds is even breaking out a brand new pair of clippers that will trim up the QB before the game. All that hair perfection takes time, too. He said getting the Mahomes look takes about 40 minutes.

“I have to make sure that no matter which way he rubs it, I cut it three of fours different ways in order to get the one look that I need,” he said.

In addition to the MVP, Bonds also cuts hair for a number of other players, including Travis Kelce and Mecole Hardman to name a few. He’ll be giving many of them a fresh cut before the big game.