Penn State’s Mic Man has a comeback story you need to hear


There was a time when Eric Gaspitch could not do simple math, put together words to read a sentence or be in a loud room.

First, you will hear Gaspitch. Then, you will see him. The Penn State senior performs at every home football game as the spirit squad’s “Mic Man.”

He is the guy belting out the sweet words: “Are you ready FOR PENN STATE FOOTBALL!”

When you hear him, you would not know he has had a long journey of recovery from a traumatic brain injury. When Gaspitch was 10 years old, he was tackled in a rec league soccer match – suffering damage to his brain’s frontal and occipital lobes. His brain had bounced forward and back in his skull.

Gaspitch had to go through all types of rehabilitation improving his speech, cognitive recognition, and his ability to interact with other people.

He also has a sensitivity to noise hearing at negative decibels. When Gaspitch was a freshman at Penn State, he could not attend the football games because the crowd noise was overwhelming.

Since then, he joined Nittanyville, befriended the Nittany Lion and forced himself to endure crowds and extra stimulation.

When the time came to try out for the the “Mic Man,” the rest is history.

Watch the video above for the full story.

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