Parents and students rally outside FCPS offices


FREDERICK COUNTY, Md (WDVM) — On Wednesday, parents and students of Frederick County huddled outside the Frederick County Public Schools office building. The reason? Well, it’s more like reasons.

The parents and students rallied outside the building chanting about how they want to go back to school, and more importantly, they want high school sports to start back up.

“We are one of five states in the country that is not playing football right now and we are not back in school,” said Middletown student-athlete Vince Flook.

Flook led many chants outside the FCPS building Wednesday, one being “Let us play.”

“We feel like this is no longer a health issue. This is more of a political issue.”

Some of the signs being held had statements related to sports and wanting sports to return, but a huge number of the signs were towards wanting to return to school.

“From an educational standpoint, I feel like this online is not working and I feel like the Board of Education is not making any effort whatsoever to try and move us forward,” said Shayna Hughes, a parent of Frederick County.

The parents and students want sports to return when it is safe, but what they are concerned about is the fact that the FCPS has no plan set moving forward for when that time comes.

“We want the FCPS to be ready so when that happens, it’s a green light to go,” said Catherine McDonough, another parent who attended the rally. “They can tell us this is what’s going to happen and go ahead and do it. It’s not going to be waiting for another meeting and making more plans after that.”

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