NFL teams and league should brace for & understand increased cases of COVID-19 during training camp


Lindsay Jones discussing what is important for fans of the NFL to keep in mind during training camp

The Athletic’s Lindsay Jones, senior NFL writer, gives insight into what the league and fans should keep in mind, as increased positive cases are reported

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WDVM) – The league ends their first week of training camp, bracing for an increase in positive cases of COVID-19 as players return from their homes to report for their teams.

The Athletic’s Lindsay Jones, a senior NFL writer, wrote about this exact issue and the context that should be understood behind the increase in positive cases reported.

In her interview with WDVM’s Allif Karim, Lindsay says, “The important thing is that as we’re seeing players come back testing positive or being in close contact with people testing positive – that is one number. The important thing we’re going to see, okay what are the testing numbers in two days, five days, seven days, fourteen days; how good of a job are they doing once the players are here and in their facilities how good of a job they are doing isolating themselves and quarantining themselves back at their homes and facilities and trying to operate within their own little bubbles without technically being in a bubble.”

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