More details of sexual harassment claims within the Washington Football organization, published by the Washington Post


WASHINGTON (WDVM) – In July, the Washington Post published a report, profiling Emily Applegate, who was one of 15 former employees that told the Post they were sexually harassed while working for the team.

On Wednesday, the Washington Post released another report, with 25 more women stepping forward, under conditions of anonymity, alleging sexual harassment in the workplace, and details of lewd video made secretly with un-used footage of former cheerleaders.

A former cheerleader who was interviewed for the piece, said team owner Daniel Snyder once suggested she go to his close friend’s hotel room so the two “could get to know each other better” at a 2004 charity event. No similar claims were made against Snyder in the first report in this series from the Washington Post.

You can read the full report HERE.

Dan Snyder responded to the Washington Post report, with a statement of his own. In the statement, Snyder says, “The Washington Post article reads like a “hit job” relying on unnamed sources and allegations that are largely ten to twenty years old. We attempted to engage with the Washington Post to provide them with the facts, but those facts clearly didn’t align with their narrative. There are former employees on the record disputing many of these claims, and yet they still appear in print. It is clear that there are other negative agendas at work in this reporting.”

Full statement from Washington Football owner Dan Snyder in response to the Washington Post report

Following Dan Snyder’s statement, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell released a statement about the Washington Football team, saying “We strongly condemn the unprofessional, disturbing and abhorrent behavior and workplace environment alleged in the report which is entirely inconsistent with our standards and has no place in the NFL.”

“An independent investigation into these issues is in process, led by highly experienced counsel recommended by our office.  We will continue to monitor the progress of this investigation and ensure that the club and its employees satisfy their obligation to give full cooperation to the investigators. If at any time the club or anyone associated with the club fails to do so, the investigating counsel has been asked to promptly advise our office and we will take appropriate action. When the investigation concludes, we will review the findings and take any appropriate action at that time.”

Following the Commissioner’s statement, the Washington Football team released a statement of their own, which sounded very different from Snyder’s statement.

WDVM’s Allif Karim spoke with Beth Reinhard, Washington Post Investigative Reporter, who worked on the report. You can watch below.


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