“Me and my dad winning together would be cool.” Family affair for the Linganore football team


NEW MARKET, Md. (WDVM) – In his final season for the Linganore Lancers, senior quarterback Timmy Conner has enjoyed every moment, leading up to the 3A state semfinal this Friday, against the Frederick Cadets.

“To be in the positions of the guys I looked up to, my brothers, playing out here in front of our fans, this community, and including under my dad is a dream come true so far.” said Timmy, “So hopefully we can keep playing.”

Not only do the Lancers have to win two more games to hoist the state title, but Timmy will have two more games with his dad, Head Coach Rick Conner, to share the football field with. A blessing, that has brought it’s own challenges sometimes.

“You really don’t get too much time for dad, its more coach out here.” said Rick, “He gets tough love out here, he’s gotta work hard, and be on top of his game.”

“We’re all pretty busy this time of the year, and he’s always busy doing film. It’s definitely a pretty fun time when we get to win.” said Timmy, “Other than that we’ve been keeping pretty busy.”

The balancing act between father and son, does get a little boost from Timmy’s mother, Liz.

“Sometimes mom does step in.” said Liz Conner, “And I have to remind rick that everybody else got to go home and be with mom and dad, and they still don’t have somebody talking to them in their left ear like ‘Why’d you do that?’, ‘How come you couldn’t do this?’ or whatever. We’ve improved with age too, so probably the one that got the most of that was probably Ricky [Conner].”

Ricky Conner – Rick’s first son – won a state title with his dad in 2009. He knows all too well what its like to be the coach’s son.

“It makes for some tense moments, but you know at the end of the day he’s your dad. He’s gonna love you, coach you up, and it’s fun.” said Ricky.

“It was always a thing I wanted to be a part.”

Despite that focus on pursuing excellence; Timmy and Rick did get to share a moment as father and son, before their last regular season game, against Urbana.

“I said ‘look, you’re doing really well. And at the end of the day no matter what happens, this is it.” said Rick, “This is where we live. Live in our house, we’re very proud of you, we’re happy for you, we think you’ve put your best foot forward.”

“Me and him, me and my dad winning together, would be cool.” said Timmy, “So I hope we can accomplish that.”

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