MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) – Football season for Stephanie Diggs is a busy time.

“I kind of look at their schedules and I narrow it down to six games each,” Diggs said.

Diggs’ son Stefon Diggs is a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills. Her younger son, Trevon Diggs, plays for the Dallas Cowboys. She tells WDVM that her husband told her years ago that her son would make it to the NFL.

“He told me that one of his sons was going to make it to the league,” Stephanie said. “I just laughed. Two sons, yeah, that is truly amazing.”

Despite the fact that Stefon is about five years older than Trevon, Stephanie says that Trevon kept an eye on his older brother when the two were in elementary school.

“Tre was like, ‘Stefon, do you have your homework? Stefon, tie your shoe. Stefon, you have your lunch?’” Stephanie said. “You know, Tre was like the big brother being the little brother.”

But in 2008, the brothers roles quickly switched. Their father Aron Diggs, passed away at 39-years-old, from congestive heart failure. Stephanie told WDVM that at Aron’s funeral, family and friends told Stefon that he was becoming the man of the house, and he took that message to heart.

“[Stefon] made sure that Trevon had what he needed and was available to him,” Stephanie said. “I mean, he even stayed and went to a local college so he could have his thumb on Trevon.”

Stefon started working out with trainer Myron Flowers at 360 Fit Performance, which was then located in Silver Spring, Maryland. Flowers had experience training brothers – he trained NFL brothers Vernon and Vontae Davis and Arie and Cyrus Kouandijo. Soon, he was training both Stefon and Trevon.

“Steff pushed him, Steph pushed him and set the example for him,” Flowers said. “There’s qualities that Steff have that Tre can feed from and there’s qualities that Tre had, that Steff can feed from.”

While Stefon starred at Good Counsel, the University of Maryland and eventually with the Minnesota Vikings at the NFL level, Trevon took the field as a freshman for Wootton high school, playing for head coach Tyree Spinner. When Spinner took the job as head football coach at the Avalon School in Silver Spring, Trevon followed.

“The way Stefon has taken care of and really looked after Tre,” Spinner said. “That relationship right there is the exact reason why they are where they are.”

Trevon attended the University of Alabama, and now playing for the Dallas Cowboys, earned an all pro designation after intercepting 11 passes and running two back for a touchdown in 2021-22 season. Trevon and the Cowboys were eliminated in the NFL wild card round, losing to San Francisco 49ers.

Stefon, who has posted numerous pro bowl seasons with the Vikings and the Bills, is still in the NFL playoffs. The Bills will visit the Chiefs on Sunday, the team that eliminated them in the AFC championship last season.

Stephanie tells WDVM that she thinks this is the Bills year. Win or lose though, she’s proud of both of her sons, and knows that her late husband, is also looking down with pride.

“He would be so proud. I know he’s watching and looking down on them, being like, ‘wow, I put all this together,'” Stephanie said. “Just to see it coming to full fruition is just truly a blessing.”