How Mike Tyson inadvertently saved a local man’s life


Mike Tyson will enter the boxing ring for the first time in 15 years, fighting Roy Jones on Saturday night. Since his last bout, Tyson has done a lot. He made a cameo in The Hangover, he’s done television work and charity, but he also indirectly saved Charles Carpenter’s life.

“It was July 20th 2015,” Carpenter told WDVM.

Carpenter has several important shirts – a Bobby Carpenter Capitals Jersey, a Seattle Seahawks James Carpenter – “because of the name Carpenter.” He says his favorite shirt is “my vintage Mike Tyson t-shirt.” Carpenter says they’re so important to him that he wants to be buried with them when he passes away.

On July 20, 2015, Charles “ was pulling weeds out of this garden when I started to feel just strange.”

He was having chest pain and called 911. He then put on his lucky Mike Tyson shirt.

“The next thing I know, they rolled me on to my right side,” Carpenter said.

Carpenter was having a heart attack.

“And the guy took his scissors and cut up the back of my shirt to take the shirt off and I started yelling at him,” Carpenter said. “Don’t cut my shirt. I was thinking about my shirt, to help take my mind off of the massive pain that was going on in my chest.”

Five years later and healthy, Carpenter has realized why he wore the shirt that day.

“Mike Tyson’s a fighter. I’m a fighter,” Carpenter said. “I’m still here.”

Still here to see Tyson fight tomorrow night, Carpenter can’t wear the shirt but you bet he’ll still watching.

“Mike, I’m gonna watch you fight,” Carpenter said. “And when I see the fight, I’m gonna hold up my torn t-shirt and I hope you can see it through — I know you can’t see it… But I’ll be rooting for you for my friend.”

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