Haskins owns mistakes, Rivera focuses on Carolina


ASHBURN, Va. (WDVM) – It’s been a rollercoaster for the Washington Football team on Wednesday, with Head Coach Ron Rivera available to the media for the first time, since the team was aware on Monday that Dwayne Haskins had partied without a mask.

The Washington Football Team fined the second-year quarterback $40,000 for violating COVID-19 protocols, the most fines any player will have to pay in the National Football League.

Head Coach Ron Rivera elaborated in his opening statement; saying that as soon as the team was made aware on Monday, Haskins was brought in for rapid testing. In a conversation with him, Rivera confirmed that Haskins would no longer be a team captain anymore.

“He and I have actually talked – probably – gosh — five or six times in the last two days.” said Coach Rivera, “And we’ve had some really good conversations about it. And the thing that I appreciated is that he took responsibility, and was very forthright, and as we go forward, that’s the thing that we’re looking for, is that if you make a mistake, you have to step up and you have to take responsibility.”

Haskins demonstrated that responsibility, by apologizing to his teammates in person, as Pro Bowler Brandon Scherff confirms, “He was wholehearted about his apology. He made a mistake and he owned up to it. We’re moving on from here. “He’s going to come out and he’s going to have a chip on his shoulder, and we trust in him.”

Around eight questions into his press conference, Rivera wanted to reiterate the focus on the Carolina game; and did so with a mix of passion, and frustration.

It wasn’t the only surprise on the day; Dwayne Haskins himself addressed the media, following Rivera’s presser. A member of Washington’s PR team said this was not planned, and that Haskins “demanded” to speak with the media, to address what happened Sunday after the Seattle loss, and would take questions as well.

Dwayne Haskins’ opening statement below:

Haskins clarified that it was his girlfriend’s birthday he had attended, and that it was not a strip club. He also elaborated on the conversation he had with Coach Ron Rivera, expressing his gratitude for his second chance.

But he did say, he realizes this could be his final chance to prove things right with the team.

A key point to keep in mind, Dwayne Haskins can still be the starting quarterback for the franchise this Sunday against Carolina, if Alex Smith cannot play.

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