GW Baseball stays connected, plays virtual IQ baseball game


WASHINGTON (WDVM) — George Washington Baseball head coach Gregg Ritchie has found a way to keep the competitive spirit alive with his team, as well as team bonding: the Play the Game Right League.

Coach Ritchie has split the baseball team up into two teams, and has the teams competing against each other in a nine inning virtual IQ baseball game. It’s simple, you get the question right, your team earns a run. But if you get the question wrong, your team is out!

“I wanted to get a little more dynamic and actually have them feel like they were playing a game,” said Ritchie. “So, that turned into me thinking about, wow, why don’t we take some of this IQ knowledge and baseball knowledge and make a game out of it.”

The game goes for nine innings, like a regular baseball game, but there are some more interesting rules implemented into the game to make it interesting.

For example, each team has one chance each game to answer a multiple part question, wherre each team must answer each part of the multiple part question to get the runs. If they get just one question wrong, it’s an out.

Another rule that was implemented was an extra innings rule. Coach Ritchie added three extra innings where the time to answer is shorter and the person chosen to answer cannot receive help on the question. When it gets the the third extra inning, and the game is still tied, it goes to a sudden death question where the first team to answer correctly wins the game.

It is a very competitive game, but at the same time, it is a way for the Colonials baseball team to bond.

“We learn, try to get a better understanding of some concepts that we might know about,” said sophomore outfielder Cade Fergus. “It’s something that I know we all look forward to and it’s a great time to come together and feel like a team again.”

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