Brown’s Mountaineers close the book on a “more balanced” fall camp

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Fall camp is in the books and only 10 days remain until the start of the 2021 WVU football season. The Mountaineers started prep for Maryland on Thursday and Friday and the head coach is pleased with where his team is at, but he can’t do a true evaluation until they line up and play someone in a different colored jersey.

“When the offense has success is that because the offense is good or the defense made a mistake and is struggling, or vice versa,” Brown said during an exclusive interview for the Neal Brown show. “So until you play somebody, you don’t really know. I feel good about our preparation. I feel good about our mindset. I really like the staff, our team has good chemistry, but we need to be tested. And our first test is going to be at Maryland.”

While the real challenge will come in the opener, one thing Brown knows for sure is this offense has made tremendous strides this offseason. That’s been apparent over the past few weeks as the practices have been more balanced than they were at this point in 2020.

“There have been very few days where one side has dominated, it’s really been an ebb and flow within practices which is a positive, and last year it wasn’t like that really,” Brown said. “We were much further ahead defensively than we were offensively and they dominated camp, but this year there’s been a lot of ebb and flow and I don’t think that’s because we’re not as good on defense. I think it’s because we are significantly better on offense, especially up front.”

Here’s how the next week will look for Brown’s squad — an off day on Wednesday. Meetings and practice on Thursday and Friday. A mock game day on Saturday followed by a rest day on Sunday, and a normal week of game prep will begin on Monday.

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