WATCH: The Stills brothers show love to Mountaineer fans with an autograph signing

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Your favorite brothers from Fairmont, West Virginia — Darius and Dante Stills — may not be playing together at WVU anymore, but the duo was side by side on Saturday signing autographs in the Charleston area.

The Stills brothers have showed their appreciation for the support received from Mountaineer Nation during their time in Gold and Blue and they were more than happy to give that love right back to fans outside of Morgantown.

“I just like being here, you know. It’s just a blessing being here and having the opportunity to be here and coming down to an area where I’m usually never really around and seeing that there are West Virginia fans here,” Dante Stills said. “It’s honestly a great feeling. The whole state supports West Virginia sports. It doesn’t have to be football, it could be basketball, soccer — it don’t matter. I just love being here.”

For most of their playing careers, Dante and Darius have shared all their accomplishments as teammates. Even though Darius is now a free agent with a Las Vegas Raiders, you know he’d never miss an opportunity to reunite with his younger brother in any WVU football capacity.

“It feels amazing because growing up, I always wanted to do this and it’s just a dream come true to come here and meet a lot of nice people,” Darius said. “It’s a dream come true.”

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