NCAA appoints Lyons to Constitution Committee

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WVU director of athletics Shane Lyons has been appointed to another committee, one that will likely shape how the NCAA functions for years to come. 

Lyons is one of 23 members of the NCAA’s Constitution Committee, which features representatives from all three divisions. The committee’s goal, according to a statement from the NCAA, is to “identify the core principles that define college sports and propose a new governance model that allows for quicker change without sacrificing broader values, while either reaffirming or redefining those values.”

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who is also a former university president at Texas A&M, will chair the committee. 

“Each of the appointees offers important insight on the transformation that’s needed for the future,” NCAA President Mark Emmert said. “The time is now for substantive change. And future change must focus on serving student-athletes.”

A special constitutional convention will take place in November, which has been designated as a forum to reimagine aspects of college sports “so the Association can more effectively meet the needs of current and future college athletes.” The constitutional convention will convene no later than Nov. 15, and according to the NCAA, action will be taken on proposals in January during the NCAA Convention. 

Lyons also serves as the chair of the Division I Council. He previously chaired the Division I Football Oversight Committee, playing a critical role in protecting the sport and delivering a season during the coronavirus pandemic. 

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