Brown expects Doege to bounce back from “uncharacteristic” performance

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Quarterback Jarret Doege has thrown for more than 200 yards in each of West Virginia’s games so far this season. Both ended with a different outcome.

In Stillwater, Doege tallied his second-highest passing total as a Mountaineer with 285 yards in a losing effort. He completed 20 of 37 passing attempts to go along with a 70-yard touchdown, but struggles in the ground game kept him from getting comfortable in the pocket.

“He missed some throws. He did some things uncharacteristically of him. What I mean by that is he had his eyes placed wrong,” head coach Neal Brown said. “He usually does a really nice job with his footwork, but in the pocket he got his feet crossed up a couple of times and missed some throws. So, he has to play better and there is no doubt in my mind he will bounce back and have a solid performance this week.”

It wasn’t for lack of effort on Doege’s part. The Cowboy defense brought the pressure consistently and got to Doege five times, including a strip-sack that led to OSU’s second score of the contest.

“Now, some of those shots were his own doing. He moved out of the pocket a couple of times when he shouldn’t have and his launch point was off a couple of times,” Coach Brown added. “We threw the ball 30+ times and he didn’t have a single scramble. So, he has to pull the ball down and run it some, and I think that will help him but there is no doubt in my mind he will bounce back and have a solid performance this week.”

Coach Brown said in an exclusive interview for the Neal Brown Show that no one on the team prepares quite as hard as Doege and the signal-caller knew his performance wasn’t up to his own standard. That preparation leads to opportunities, and that is something Doege needs to take advantage of on Saturday vs. Baylor.

“I’m not down on him, but my expectation is he plays better on Saturday and moving forward this fall,” Brown said.

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