Global Squad continues to impact local, & international basketball talent


MOUNT AIRY, Md. (WDVM) – Running its operation out of Mount Airy, Maryland; Global Squad Basketball continues to serve as a special college-prep AAU program, that focuses on increasing exposure for its athletes, as well as building their skillsets.

“There’s a lot of – a lot of players; whether they are americans who live abroad, or just international nationals, that really would love to play college basketball in the us and earn a degree – so we started Global Squad for that reason.” said John Alexander.

It’s a reason – fueled by motivation John Alexander had ever since he took the plunge to start global squad back in 2011. Despite years of living abroad – he was fortunate enough to play basketball at Washington College; and has made it his mission to streamline that process for thousands of young prospects across the world, hoping for their chance at playing college basketball.

“I got a call yesterday from one of our former players who is now – gonna get a walk on opportunity at Boston University – he went to the American School of Moscow. He on the phone said very clearly – this was a life changing experience – it’s one of the best things I’ve been a part of; and we get that quite often.”

It’s not just alumni of Global Squad that has vouched for John’s work within the program. Current players, like Jeannot Basima have expressed their love for the program as well.

“Without global I wouldn’t be here right now.” said Jeannot. “I told it to you; pretty much global squad is probably the most – cares about international young men – who are trying to play at the next level, playing in college, h-s, playing pro probably too – global squad is a great program, an international program.”

Jeannot is a sophomore at John Carroll High School, in Bel Air, Maryland. He currently suits up for the 16U team within Global Squad.

“I started off maybe talking to one school, now I’m talking to a total of 20 plus; so I think it was great, and he’s definitely helped me grow a lot.” said Alex Hawkins, senior guard at Oakdale High in Ijamsville, Maryland.

With the Covid-19 pandemic – Global Squad has had to adapt; less global, and more local – but the overall structure of the business has helped keep itself afloat.

“Because – our program operated in a way that is very unusual for a lot of AAU programs, we were able to put that on to the local talent that was around this area” said John, “And because of that – because of the demand for these players, the preparation we expect of these players, and the commitment that we expect; we were able to do very well.”

Regardless of all the challenges so far, Global Squad, and it’s people – mean everything to John.

“This still is a very unique program – and it comes specifically from my experience. And while it was a harder road to travel – running a business is extremely challenging – it’s been very rewarding and I think its speaks to the cliche very well – if you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life.”

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