FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) – “1 Shot Training Academy” turned out to be David Dorsey’s second shot in life to do what he loved.

“For so many years I did what I wanted to do, and it got me back to ground zero.”

At a young age, sports served as an integral part of young Dorsey’s life, keeping him away from negative influences at the time. At Seneca Valley High school, Dorsey was a part of the football program’s 11th state title in 1995. But basketball would always be his favorite.

“Sports were amazing man, I always loved basketball and that just kept me on the right path.” said Dorsey, “Even once I got to high school, that was the thing that kept me from skipping school, doing the things that other things were doing.”

“Eventually, it caught up to me.” said Dorsey, “I had the good crowd and the bad crowd. That kind of started my swerve off to the wrong path.”

That wrong path took him through a lot of trouble early in his life, towards the end of his time in high school.

“Towards my senior year, towards the end, that’s when I started smoking weed, and drinking more.” said Dorsey, “That just drove me away from my goal. When I took the SAT, I probably took it four or five times. But the night before I took it, I was partying till two or three in the morning.”

Dorsey says his spiral continued after graduation, spending time in and out of jail because of drug related charges.

“Took me till I was about 33 to get things going right.” Dorsey said, “My last time I was incarcerated was in ’08. From ’08 to ’09 so I did about a year and a couple days. So I went out, I went straight to a 30 day rehab center.”

Dorsey would go to another rehabilitation center in Rockville, Maryland; Avery Road Treatment Center, where he would learn to acclimate to a more regimented lifestyle, which he says helped him get back on track.

“First job I got, people actually told me I wasn’t going to get it.” Dorsey said, “The guy, David Ludington, he interviewed me. He said ‘You checked off on the application that I’ll explain the interview where it said about your charges.’. I pretty much gave a rundown of what happened the last time I got incarcerated, and he said ‘I’m gonna give you a shot.’.”

His first job paved the way for his current role with Frederick High School, as an assistant coach for the Cadets boy’s basketball program. Ludington himself provided a referral for Dorsey as he applied for the position.

“I knew from the first time when I saw him in the gym, and his work ethic, regardless of his story, we were going to try to put him in a place to come over and help our program.” said Emonte Hill, Head Coach of the Frederick boy’s basketball team, “Once I got the job here in Frederick, there was a position where I told him we would see what we could do, kind of just went from there. Went through the process, and you know he became a piece of the puzzle here at Frederick high school.”

Dorsey has three children, Jakaila, Dave, and Davon; who served as his main motivation as he turned his life around.

“Those were my main motivators.” said Dorsey, “I wanted to do it for myself, first and foremost, but they were amazing motivators for me to turn around.”

His oldest son, Dave Dorsey Jr., currently plays as a sophomore at Frederick high, as part of their basketball team; sharing his experience with his dad’s past.

“He could have went to college, like DI, I think DII. And he just got on the bad stuff.” said Dorsey Jr.

And what started as a way for him to reconnect with his sons, training them both; turned into Dorsey’s “one-shot” to redeem himself through his love for basketball.

“The name, I was like ‘one-shot’.” said Dorsey, “One shot training academy man, and that’s what I tell these kids, don’t blow your opportunity. Hopefully I can just change at least one. But more than one.”