Countdown to Kickoff: Blake Bengals


SILVER SPRING, Md. (WDVM) – When a team goes to Silver Spring to face the Blake Bengals football team, they’re entering “the Jungle.” This year, teams will face a Bengals team, hungry to win.

“We don’t care what other people think about us,” Blake senior tight end and defensive end Payton Mages said. “We just want to win. We want to work hard and that’s about it. We just want to go out on Friday nights and get a dub.”

Entering his seventh season as the program’s head coach, Deshawn Anderson tells WDVM that his team has a good mix of upper and lower classmen.

“Our ability to get them motivated internally, not feed off what’s outside and being said about us,” Anderson said. “Day-to-day working on what we need to work on to get better is something that we’re focusing on.”

Anderson says that the senior leaders of the team will have an important role this season.

“We’re preaching effort and we’re preaching discipline,” Blake senior running back and linebacker Stephen Forbin said. “You know we can’t build a team if everyone is not fully engaged and trying to get to the championship as our goal.”

Blake expects the core group of seniors to take on the responsibility of leading the team.

“We’re excited. I’m happy you know to finally be able to have a full season and be able to prove how hard we’ve been working,” Blake senior running back and linebacker Micajah Cobbs said. “Get out there and compete against different schools, besides three schools like last season.”

Blake’s first game is on Friday, September 3, at Northwood.

“We work well, pretty good together,” Blake senior offensive and defensive lineman Orlando Nickens said. “You know we push each other every day at practice, you know workouts and stuff with games. Just you know, like increasing your max bench in the weight room, you know conditioning, just our drive.”

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