The NCAA Division I Council is changing rules regarding football scholarships, potentially granting more flexibility to programs in the transfer portal era.

According to a tweet from Inside the NCAA, the council voted Wednesday to remove annual signing and initial counter limits for the next two school years, while still maintaining the 85-man scholarship limit for Division I football programs. This means the 25-man scholarship limits per class have been eliminated — at least temporarily — though programs must continue to adhere to the team scholarship cap.

This is the latest in a series of moves by the Division I Council in an effort to level the playing field for programs who experience a large dip in numbers due to outgoing transfers. Last fall, the council signed a one-year waiver for the “25+7” model, which allowed football teams to sign their usual 25 scholarship athletes, plus up to seven more scholarship athletes to replace outgoing transfers.

Now though, coaches can sign any number of players per class, as long as the team remains under the 85-man scholarship limit.

The Division I Council also relaxed restrictions on FBS conference championship game requirements.