Brunswick Railroader soccer teams compete in state finals, with different results


BALTIMORE, Md. (WDVM) – Both the Brunswick boy’s, and girl’s soccer teams played against the Fallston Cougars in the 1A State soccer finals, with different results.

The Railroaders boy’s soccer team won a thriller in overtime, 2-1 over Fallston, to lock up the 1A State title.

The Brunswick girl’s soccer team dropped their game against the Fallston Cougars, 6-0, to finish as 1A State runners up to end their season.

In the boy’s soccer game, the Fallston cougars got on the board first, with a solo effort from Ethan Salsa, to put them in the lead 10 minutes into the game.

Both of Brunswick’s goals, including the game-winner in overtime came from junior Logan Malone.

Logan’s first goal came off his left foot, cutting to his left outside the box before drubbing it low away from the keeper. His second goal came in the last six seconds of the first overtime period, with space on the right side, and the assist from Kamron Harris to set it up before tucking it in with his right foot.

“All I really remember is the ball coming in.” said Malone, “I don’t really remember anything before that. All I was thinking was to calm down, to just tuck it away, so I kept my composure and I did put it away.”

“The grit that we had, to come back and get the goal in the first half, and to come back and put the ball back in the net with six seconds left.” said Head Coach Shawn Baker, “They showed heart, they showed grit. They deserved it.”

In the girl’s soccer game, the Railroaders caught themselves trailing early, 1-0, less than two minutes into the game, before the Cougars poured it on in the first half, heading into halftime with a 3-0 lead.

Brunswick had a prime chance in the second half, when junior Atiya Jackson found herself with just the goalie to beat, but the ball got away from her before she could find her footing for a shot.

Fallston would pour on the goals, adding three more in the second half to make it a 6-0 game.

Despite the loss, echoes of pride came in from the fans for the players, and what they achieved to get to the finals.

“Glad that we got as far as we did.” said Atiya Jackson, “Brunswick is a small school, so the fact that we got as far as we did in Frederick County. We’re already not the big leagues, people treat us as a small school. So it’s nice to be here, to be shown, as important.”

“We were a great group, but for the group that is left, we try to get back here.” said Head Coach Dara Demich, “We’ll miss a lot of key pieces, Hannah, Anna, and Maggie, but we’ll rebuild, and try to work with the core pieces still there.”

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