City Youth Matrix and IBM keeping kids engaged with activity kits


FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — Staying home can be tiresome if you don’t have anything to do. Two local organization’s are trying to change that.

The City Youth Matrix has partnered with I Believe in Me (IBM) to provide relief during this time to create activity kits and grocery kits for families in need. When COVID-19 first hit, the the organizations made it a point to hit the ground running by answering the immediate and critical needs of those most vulnerable in the community.

“We call ourselves hope dealers and what we’re trying to do is keep the community engaged during this time of crisis.” said Executive Director of I Believe in Me, Aje Hill.

Food is critical. With the shift towards online education, lack of proper nourishment only hinders a child’s ability to learn. Being that the two programs serve a lot of A.L.I.C.E community kids, organizers know that these students don’t have the resources needed to make it through this pandemic. That is why they do grocery deliveries at Hickory Hill Apartments and Mullinix Park every Monday and Friday.

The organizations have also created activity kits. These kits features a musical, art, athletic, family engagement, and a STEM component. These kits not only give kids something to do, but it also gives the family another way to connect.

“This is the best we can do right now, and I think it’s going to offer great hope,” said Executive Director of City Youth Matrix, Aaron Vetter. “We’ve already started with some of our families, getting some videos and some pictures up to encourage other families to engage and to laugh and you know in times, everyone is on their devices and will be and that’s fine, but it just gives us a break from some of that.”

Right now the organizations are serving kids that participate in the CYM or IBM programs, however, they do have an ambitious goal of trying to create 15,000 kits. “There’s 15,000 kids in the county that we typically focus on. They’re struggling typically before COVID to make ends meet.” The organizations are hoping that these kits create “hope in the home”.

“There’s things that families can not only eat, but stay engaged, stay family, stay consistent, have things to do in their houses right now in this crisis,” said Hill. “We’re super thankful for this partnership. Thankful for the community that continues to show up, and the Community Foundation and Delaplaine Center for giving us funds to be able to continue meeting our community where it is.”

For $19 you can purchase an Activity kit and Groceries for a Frederick family in need. Click here for more information.

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