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We specialize in mental health through all stages of life and all areas of expertise. Our team is happy to help with mental and physical wellness. We want you to live your best life and enjoy every part of it.

Our WELLNESS CLASSES provide clients with coping skills that are positive, and help them through this life adjustment from addiction to recovery, and management of what they were trying to avoid. At the early stages of recovery, it is best to not get into trauma work too quickly as individuals do not yet have adequate Coping Skills to manage this transition. Wellness activities and creative therapies are a proven effective in helping clients gain new coping methods, and address the core of their addiction.
GENERAL MENTAL HEALTH– All of our Wellness Classes at SIHS are a form of Self Care. They are healthy, effective Coping Skills that help to manage symptoms, and address parts of the brain that are affected by disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Bipolar disorder, and Grief and Loss. Brain and Heart health, as well as Anger and Stress Management are aided by physical activities such as Yoga and Cardio Fitness, and Art therapies. These can help give clients creative outlets to express feelings in an unconscious manner that feels less threatening. Our wellness classes are like “giving your brain a bone”.
CONCERNING TRAUMA, many of the modalities we employ are helpful for those who are survivors of Trauma. Body, Mind and Brain research has proven how effective Yoga, Mindfulness Practice, Massage and Creative Therapies are for Trauma recovery. These, combined with traditional Psychotherapy techniques address the parasympathetic nervous system, calming and controlling the Fight or Flight response and reversing its effects on the entire body system.
FOR CHILDREN, creative therapies, especially Music therapy can help the brain. Self-esteem is boosted and social skills are learned. Healthy coping mechanisms are taught, and interests are built that help to keep them occupied. Physical classes, such as Pound Fitness and Yoga can be great for ADHD and associated disorders.
In cases of SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND RECOVERY, the long and short of it is that drugs work. They are often used as a coping mechanism for a mental health condition, unresolved trauma, grief and loss, or difficult life transition. When the drugs are taken away, even with concurrent Suboxone or Methadone therapy, they are often left raw and with no way of managing the flood of feelings that they now are experiencing.


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