Newly acquired point guard Spencer Dinwiddie ready to help Wizards win

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WASHINGTON (WDVM) – When the Wizards traded Russell Westbrook to the Los Angeles Lakers, a void opened at point guard. Insert – Spencer Dinwiddie, acquired as part of a five-team deal that sent Westbrook to Los Angeles and sent five additional players to Washington.

The 28-year-old guard inked a 3-year, $54 million contract, with a number of incentives for playing 50 or more games and making it far in the postseason. If the Wizards win the championship, Dinwiddie will receive a bonus of $1.

Dinwiddie spent the past five seasons with the Brooklyn Nets, helping them to the playoffs each of the past three seasons.

Dinwiddie is the latest in a line of talented Wizards point guards, following Westbrook, John Wall and Gilbert Arenas. Dinwiddie says, he’s ready to make his mark in Washington.

“Just my style of play is very different from them, I respect everything that they did, but what I want to be known for is winning and that’s what I hope to bring to the franchise,” Dinwiddie told WDVM. “At the end of the day just you know whatever it kind of takes, I think my career kind of shows that.”

Dinwiddie said he is excited to be paired with Wizards star guard Bradley Beal in the backcourt.

“If I’m able to play at the level that I can play it, similar to the 19-20 season and hopefully beyond,” Dinwiddie said. “And I can compliment Brad in the way that I believe that I can, then we can be an extremely powerful team in the Eastern conference.”

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