For best results on a mobile device, please use the following guide:

  • Hold your mobile device horizontal
  • Stabilize your device with a tripod or other video stablizing equipment
  • For best audio, ensure you speak loudly and clearly, or use a separate recorder for audio and sync the audio together in a non-linear editing system
  • Make sure there’s adequate lighting
  • Keep the Pledge of Allegiance to under 15 seconds; videos over 15 seconds may not be considered.


PLEDGE: Waybright & Hoyt

PLEDGE: Greene

PLEDGE: Mrs. Barry's class

PLEDGE: Maryland General Assembly

PLEDGE: Mrs. Green's class

PLEDGE: Mrs. Lloyd's class

PLEDGE: Ms. Campbell's

PLEDGE: Mrs. Maybright and Mrs. Hoyt's class

PLEDGE: Ms. Gray's class

PLEDGE: Mrs. Roslyn Clark's class

PLEDGE: Mrs. Brosig's class

PLEDGE: Mr. Penny Packer's class

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