Arkansas farmers market requiring all customers to wear face mask while shopping

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- A farmers market in North Little Rock is getting a lot of attention, both positive and negative, after enforcing that all customers must wear a face mask.

Me and McGee Market said it’s trying to create a safe space for immunocompromised people.

“We’ve got signs everywhere. You can’t pull in here without seeing a sign that says ‘hey you’ve got to wear a mask,'” said Logan Duvall, Partner at Me and McGee Market. “We were really staunch about following through, I’ve sent quite a few people packing that didn’t want to wear a mask.”

Duvall says people who refuse to wear a mask are not only forced to leave that day, but they are also not welcome back when the pandemic is over.

Duvall unmasks the reason why its so important to his family.

“My son just finished up chemo for stage four cancer. He’s 6-years-old so he’s done really really well, but he’s still immunocompromised. So, we don’t know what people are bringing in here. So we felt the mask is not for their safety, it’s for ours,” said Duvall.

Duvall said not all interactions have been negative.

Hundreds of customers have come forward saying they feel more comfortable shopping at the market because of the precautions they put in place.

“Those who appreciate the mask and come out here, its well worth the handful that really give you problems,” said Neva Collier, Partner at Me and McGee Market.

Duvall’s mother, Neva Collier, said they have masks for everyone who needs one.

At the market, they also sanitize baskets after every use, wipe down all surfaces every 30 minutes and even have a new way customers can pay without having to touch anything.

“It’s our home, it’s our business. If you want to come here we just want you to wear a mask and help us keep everyone safe,” said Duvall.

Me and McGee Market said it will continue to strongly enforce the rules that everyone must wear a mask.

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