Woman battling stage 4 cancer is using her experience to inspire others


A young woman in Frederick, fighting for her life battling stage 4 cancer is using her experience to inspire others.

Katie Campbell is 33 years old, married to a college professor and was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer a few years ago after noticing a lump while on vacation with her husband.

“My response was like okay let’s do this. It’s like okay, it’s cancer.  I know people who had cancer. I will go through chemo and it will go away,” said Campbell.

After a year of chemotherapy, 20 rounds of radiation and a double mastectomy, Katie was sent on her way and was declared cancer free…until three months later.

“I found a new lump. It was in my supraclavicular lymph nodes and at that point I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer,” said Campbell.

Doctors didn’t have answers for Katie so she started a blog titled ‘Katie Crushes Cancer’.  Writing she says helped to cope with a diagnosis like cancer and is now turning it into a book called the Courage Club.

“I wrote the Courage Club about my experience but really for other young adults to help them sort of find a path through the crazy chaos of a diagnosis like cancer,” said Campbell.

Katie details some of the most intimate moments in her new book including one of the most devastating which is never being a mother.

“Chemo can ruin your infertility and doctors will just forget to remind patients of that and patients don’t know until they find themselves unable to have children,” said Campbell. 

Katie says her goal is to inspire people to live their life to the fullest regardless of what you’re going through.

The courage club is set to release on July 7 on Amazon.

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