Winchester-area politicians weigh in on Primary Election results


Now that Super Tuesday is over, we have a better idea of which candidates have momentum and who local voters support.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump came out on top, each winning seven primary elections and 1,053 and 319 delegates, respectively. 

Bernie Sanders won two primary states, along with Colorado and Minnesota caucuses. He won 427 delegates.  Ted Cruz followed, winning the coveted Texas Primary, the Oklahoma Primary and the Alaska Caucus, gaining 226 delegates, while Marco Rubio only won the Minnesota Caucus. He now has 110 delegates. 

It was decisive on both sides in the Virginia primary election, with Hilary Clinton easily beating out Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump winning over Republican voters.

Winchester-area politicians have mixed emotions.

“I’m not that surprised. [Donald Trump] has been gaining momentum nationally,” said Winchester, Va. Rep. Chris Collins (R-29). “But also here in Virginia, Marco Rubio had a very close second.”

Across the commonwealth, Trump beat Marco Rubio by less than 2 percent of the 1,022,557 votes that were cast, but got almost 50 percent more votes than Ted Cruz.

Locally, Trump beat Rubio in Frederick, Warren and Clarke Counties, along with the city of Winchester, and Cruz only beat Rubio in Warren County.

But Virginia Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (R-10) said Trump might not have what the Republican party needs in a president.

“You have to be somebody who can add to the party, not antagonize and try to kick people out.”

Comstock endorsed Rubio back in 2015 and believes he would provide the cohesion she said the Republican party needs nationally and at the state level.

“I think he has [the ability to] bring people together instead of trying to kick people out of our party, which is not a constructive way to grow a majority,” she said.

No matter who is picked to represent Republicans in November, Collins said he’s confident they could win against the democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton.

“As we move forward, I believe that the process is going to work itself out, and I believe that we are going to have a very good candidate to run against Hilary Clinton.”

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