Why it’s important to stay hip to the new slang


The internet and social media unleashes a whole other world, and with that, comes a whole different language that kids have created.

Every generation has their own set of phrases they use, which makes them unique. And with social media around it may make it more difficult for parents to crack the code words.

“The problem is we don’t hear them saying it. As a mom of four I’m reading it in their texts. On the computer and so that’s what worries me,” Maureen Grove, executive director of Girl’s Inc. of Washington County said.

When Grove becomes curious about slang words, she uses an app that tells her what the abbreviations or words mean. Officer Heather Aleshire recommends parents look up the words or simply ask the kids to explain. 

“If you’re going to have a cellphone, I’m going to know your password, so at any time, I can access you phone so that I know there are no hidden secrets between the parent, well for me and my sons,” Officer Aleshire said.

Both mothers say they monitor their kids and work to keep an open communication with their kids for their best interest.

“My job is to keep them safe and advocate for them,” Grove said.

“Just keep up on it. Just watch what they’re doing. Have an open dialogue with them. Be honest with them and hopefully they will treat you with that same respect,” Officer Aleshire said.

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