Why cell phones are the most secured electronic device for personal information


Most households have a laptop or computer along with phones for each person. But, is one safer than the other when it comes to storing personal information?

Our personal lives are on electronic devices more and more these days. So, if you’re ever wondering what device is the safest, Aaron Bumbarger, a technician says it’s your phone, and here’s why:

“Android OS and IOS. They’re obviously two different operating systems compared to windows. These are made to run on something that is going somewhere all the time. It’s connected all the time no matter what. Whether it is Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, data signals from the towers and stuff. It’s made to be impenetrable. Like you’re not supposed to be able to penetrate this so easily to the point where you can get that information,” Aaron Bumbarger, a technician at the Computer Clinic said.

Bumbarger says this difference makes computers an easier target for hackers. The only other danger would be if someone stole it but if you keep a password secured on it a person can’t do much.

“My phone has a thumb print scanner, and it has face recognition in it. I mean they can try to get in it but there is nothing. They can’t get into anything,” Bumbarger said.

He says this is why phones are so expensive. Phones don’t have the same strengths as computers but cost just as much because you’re paying for the software that keeps it so secured.

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