What to bring in your “tool box of topics” for holiday gatherings


VIRGINIA (WDVM) — As the holidays are quickly approaching, knowing what and what not to talk about at the dinner table is useful for preventing heated conversations with loved ones.

WDVM spoke to Jeffra Trumpower, Senior Creative Director from WeddingWire who is advising couples to get on the same wavelength before attending family gatherings so it is easier to diffuse a situation.

Trumpower advises families and friends to speak about politics before the holiday wine comes out and to also bring what she calls a “toolbox of topics” to the table. The toolbox includes points of conversation to change the subject when a conversation gets tense.

“Are there things going on in your career that you could talk to your family about? Are there things going on with your partner that you guys want to talk about? Bring some positivity to the table. We all need that right now, right?,” said Trumpower.

Also, bringing up positive social media posts or photos is a good way to transition a conversation. “The other thing you can do if your friends with some of your family members on Facebook, and this is very 2020 to say this, but if you’ve seen them upload images or post things on social media, bring those things up,” stated Trumpower.

For more tips on how couples can cope with the opposing political views, click here.

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