WVU Potomac State College hosts the 11th annual job fair

West Virginia
Many people gathered inside West Virginia University Potomac State College for the 11th annual job fair. Over 40 tables were set up with resume drop off’s, and plenty of opportunities for careers. County commissioners say this is a great event for the community.
“I think this is great for the young people without employment and has a lot of good door opportunities for people that want to move into this area and get a job, its a great thing,” Roger Leatherman said, the President of Mineral County Commissioners.
One of the larger opportunities for the area is the expansion of Northrop Grumman, a global aerospace and defense technology company that has created many employment opportunities “The American ballistics lab center Northrup Grumman the have 45 jobs currently open and over the next five years they will have 500 so that’s gonna be a huge boon for the area,” Peter Christensen said, the one stop director for workforce development.
Northrop Grumman is offering many jobs in the engineering field. Development officials at the event explain other reasons the job fair is well attended.
“We’re also a part of the Cumberland greater metro area and that’s 98,000 people next door in Allegany county so there is a lot of industry there. We share workers, so this is a reason it’s so well attended,” Kevin Clark said, the executive director of Mineral County development authority.
Officials say this event is crucial with all the jobs that have been lost over the years due to manufacturing closings.

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