WV Sen. Capito takes aim at President Biden’s Zero-Emissions vehicle plan

West Virginia

WASHINGTON (WDVM) — West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito addressed concerns about President Biden’s latest executive action regarding vehicle emissions.

The order sets a new target to make half of all new vehicles sold in the United States zero-emissions vehicles by 2030. While Senator Capito expressed her support for the move towards decreasing the negative environmental effects produced by gas-powered vehicles, she also said people who continue to drive gas-powered cars could be left behind and also questioned the effects of new vehicle charging stations on local power grids.

Sen. Capito told members of the media during a press conference on Thursday that much of the electricity in the United States is powered by fossil fuels, stating, “There’s just no other way to do it.” She went on to explain that the power strains of electric vehicle charging stations on electrical grids must be evaluated before such resources can be implemented.

“Moving towards electric cars sounds good, would be good. Everything we do has to be done through the lens of what realistically the American people are going to be moving towards,” Sen. Capito said to media members during a press conference Thursday. “What’s the cost of an electric vehicle to the consumer? What’s the green what’s the environmental hazard of disposing of a battery of electric vehicle?”

Senator Capito also said that while she does support the move towards greener vehicles, there are still a number of unanswered questions that need to be addressed in the executive order.

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