WV capitol devoid of extra visible safety measures leading up to inauguration

West Virginia

CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — As neighboring states like Kentucky and Ohio, are putting up fencing and ramping up security measures at their state capitols at four days away from the presidential inauguration, West Virginia’s capitol Saturday was devoid of any extra visible safety measures.

That’s because West Virginia Homeland Security Advisor Thom Kirk said Wednesday during the Governor’s press briefing that they aren’t aware of any “credible threat” in our region.

“Right now, to say that we have no credible threats in our region doesn’t mean that we’re not remaining vigilant,” he said.

According to Kirk, the DHS has been monitoring the situation in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies.

Speaker of the House Roger Hanshaw says it’s a good thing the legislature isn’t in session right now.

“I think it’s a pretty sad commentary about our country that people have decided to pursue armed insurrection as the result of an election. I mean the hallmark of this country for 200 years has been the peaceful transfer of power from one party to the next,” he said.

Other West Virginia delegates we spoke with said they felt safe at the capitol with metal detectors and security at all of the entrances.

“It’s amazing how fencing works now and walls work,” said Republican Delegate Geoff Foster jokingly. “But for us we just haven’t had any issues and I don’t think we will.”

“It’s sad when you see a capitol in another state where there has to be security measures that prevent people from coming into the people’s house,” said Democratic delegate Joey Garcia.

What was visible Saturday at the capitol were the preparation of the steps where the Governor’s inauguration will take place Friday.

According to Governor Justice, the event will be scaled back this year compared to others.

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