Woman suing WV State Trooper accused of beating teen

West Virginia

A West Virginia State Trooper, recently placed on administrative leave for allegedly beating a  teen suspect, is being sued by a woman claiming that in April of 2016 she was injured by excessive force from the Trooper.

Braun Hamstead, an attorney in Charles Town, says his wife Julie Hamstead was speaking with workers from the West Virginia Department of Highways when a work vehicle crashed into her car.

“She moves her car out of the way and everything is fine. They are apologizing basically to each other obviously he didn’t see her. And all of a sudden, three police officers show up. And when they arrived, things went down hill.

According to Hamstead, one of the workman told police that Julie had caused the accident.

Hamstead added that Trooper Derek Walker told Julie Hamstead to “shut up” when he approached her. 

“He grabbed her left arm and pulled it up and down behind her back, he drug her across the parking lot. He slammed her into the truck that had hit her, smashed her glasses, broke her glasses slammed her to the ground,” said Hamstead.

Julie ‘s arm was injured and had some visible bruises.

She was charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing a police officer.

The Hamsteads locally filed a lawsuit against West Virginia State Police, Trooper Walker and the other parties involved.

The case has been sent to the federal court to the Northern District of West Virginia.

But Hamstead says the experience has left Julie shaken.

“She left the state. That’s in our complaint in fear of our safety. She took our 14-year-old,” said Hamstead. 

Hamstead wants this issue to come to light in order to prevent it from happening again. Because of the charges, he says his wife is having a tough time finding a job.

“She’s a paralegal with a undergraduate degree, many years of experience and in bad need of a job because of our situation, and can’t get one,” said Hamstead.

WDVM reached out to attorney’s representing Walker and West Virginia State Police and has not yet heard back.

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