West Virginia’s First Lady visits Berkeley County

West Virginia

West Virginia’s First Lady Cathy Justice visited Berkeley County Wednesday afternoon with a pep rally to start off her in-school expansion.

Communities in schools program was created to encourage kids to do their very best in class and to never quit. Over 50 middle school students from local schools celebrated the program with their parents, school staff and representatives from West Virginia’s office. First Lady Cathy Justice said that the goal of the program is to let kids know that they will always have help.

“Today means everything to us,” Justice said. “We have to have the children’s needs met, have a friend in the schools, just if they need anything, from their basic needs to tutoring in school, to rides to games, practices or anything, we just want to be that grandmother or grandfather in the school that we’re trying to help.”

Having the support of West Virginia on their backs is making the difference to students.

“It’s kinda cool, you know being able to share, for her to come up to me, I think I did talk to her, and she talked to me, congratulated me on my success, and you know it kinda means alot coming from her,” Martinsburg football captain Grant Harman said.

A student’s future is quite unpredictable, but the First Lady has a battle plan to help every student of every background.

“Early in the year, we try to target these kids, and try to make sure they’re on the road to graduating, and when they do graduate, we’re trying to put them in like a technology field,” Justice said. “Not everyone is suited for college, so we’re doing a lot in the technology field trying to promote the children to go that way.”

Whether it’s substitute teaching in county schools or giving her time to local charities, there is one thing that’s for sure, is that Cathy Justice loves her West Virginia community.

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