West Virginians rally in Charleston against removing state income taxes

West Virginia

CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – With just seven full days left in the West Virginia Legislative session, lawmakers and activists are making their voices heard. The topic on most of their agendas is the bills regarding cutting the state income tax.

Activists from organizations across the Mountian State rallied at the state capitol building to share concerns of tax cuts to essential programs if income taxes are removed.

“Cutting the personal income tax, which the only fair tax that we have because it’s based on how much you earn. This means that we have to cut the budget somewhere else. We’re talking about a billion-dollars,” said Samuel Hickman, of the West Virginia Chapter Executive Director with the National Association of Social Workers.

A billion dollars, which helps fund organizations like Jobs and Hope.

“Jobs and Hope provide an invaluable service to West Virginia. I am in long-term recovery and also a two-time convicted felon, and they have helped me build my life,” said Autumn McCraw, with Jobs and Hope.

House Bill 3300 plans to eliminate the state income tax over a 12 year period to avoid any new tax increases. But this is not the only bill of its kind.

Currently, there are three different bills regarding cutting West Virginia’s state income tax. The Governor’s, the Senate’s, and the House’s.

Each bill lays out cutting the state income tax over various amounts of time and raises the state sales tax by different percentages. But they all have one common goal:

“We will pump so much money into West Virginia’s economy. We will put it back in the hands of the people and let them decide what they are going to do with their money,” said Governor Jim Justice, (R) West Virginia.

Today, Governor Jim Justice announced he will hold a summit to hopefully combine the three bills.

“A summit of the people on the standpoint of the minority party and the majority party in both the house and the senate. A summit on the most important item that has come across West Virginia’s desk forever…” said Governor Justice.

That summit will happen on Monday at noon.

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