West Virginia voters rally to keep Sen. Manchin accountable

West Virginia

MARTINSBURG, W. Va. (WDVM) — People gathered in Martinsburg outside of one of their senators’ offices to voice their concern about the upcoming vote to remove the filibuster in the U.S. Senate.

With the shift in the Senate majority, many Democratic senators are working to remove the filibuster in the chamber. Voters in Martinsburg are supporting the motion put forth by Senator Joe Manchin to keep the political procedure.

Allen Whitt is the president of Family Policy Council of West Virginia. He organized the rally to give voters the chance to hold their senator to his word.

“Senator Manchin has said that he does not want to do away with the filibuster. We think that that’s fair,” Whitt said. “It separates what the Senate does from what the House does and we need to leave it in place. The longheld tradition of the Senate filibuster which requires right now a 60 vote bipartisan majority in order to end debate so bills can be voted on.”

Senator Manchin, a Democrat, told the New York Times the legislation would only present short-term benefits but would “only exacerbate the distrust that millions of Americans harbor against the U.S. government.”

Billy Williams attended the rally and was grilling up hot dogs for other attendees. He wants to hold the senator accountable regardless of his own political views.

“I mean we are Republicans. We’re here because Senator Manchin has made promises to the West Virginia people that, you know, he would, you know, never vote to end the filibuster and everything in the senate,” Williams said. “So we’re just trying to hold him accountable and hold all politicians accountable for the promises that they make to the American people.”

Currently, in the Senate, there are 48 Democrats, 50 Republicans, and 2 Independents who caucus with the Democrats. But Democrats do hold the majority due to the tie-breaking vote of Vice President Kamala Harris.

This issue surrounding the filibuster is housed under the For The People Act which passed through the House by a vote of 220-210 and is now set to be voted on in the Senate.

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