West Virginia lawmakers tackle daylight saving time

West Virginia

WEST VIRGINIA (WDVM) — The West Virginia Senate has passed a bill aiming to make daylight saving time the official time in the Mountain State.

Senator Patricia Rucker was one of the sponsors of the bill, and she says if passed, it would only take effect if Congress decides to make a change.

“This is if congress passes a universal time,” said Rucker. “West Virginia would join the other seven states that have passed legislation, requesting for our time to just be the same.”

Dennis Owens resides in the Eastern Panhandle and says he supports the idea of not having to change his clocks twice a year.

“I like it,” said Owens, “I’d rather for it to stay daylight in the evening ’cause I farm and I work so I need daylight in the evenings when I go home and take care of my animals.”

The bill passed in the West Virginia Senate, 32 votes to 2. And if passed in the House, it will be up to Governor Jim Justice to sign it into law.

“Whenever Congress decides to do a universal standard time for the entire country, we would be ready to switch,” said Rucker.

Washington, Oregon, California, Tennessee, Florida, Delaware, Maine, Arkansas, and Utah have adopted similar legislation.

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